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Globe Life Family Heritage Division

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Welcome to Globe Life Family Heritage Division, where we believe our Globe Life family Heritage, our customers and our associates deserve the very best. Perhaps you’ve heard a little about what we do, or about our tremendous growth. Maybe you know someone who is protected with a Globe Life Family Heritage policy. Or maybe you’re looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference in the lives of others. However you found Globe Life Family Heritage, we welcome you and encourage you to learn more about our company. We founded Globe Life Family Heritage in 1989 on the principles of service and integrity and remain true to these principles today. I have had the sincere privilege of personally working with hundreds of people who share the vision of delivering products that help today’s American families; products that provide peace of mind. Helping families is our top priority, so we look forward to working with you to find the products that best meet your needs. People tell me every day that they wish they had learned about Globe Life Family Heritage years ago. When I hear this, it only makes me want to work harder to give everyone a chance to protect themselves and their families with a Globe Life Family Heritage policy. Please take a moment to explore our products and find out why our customers are so pleased with our work, and thank you for your interest in Globe Life Family Heritage!
We believe in paying our team members what they are worth, so you’ll find that our compensation program is second-to-none across our industry. Generous performance bonuses along with incentives and trips make for unlimited income potential and financial stability for you and your family. Lifetime Earnings We provide our family of sales professionals with a lifetime earnings opportunity, an exciting concept unique to our business. Each policy/certificate you sell will pay a first year commission, and will pay a renewal commission each year the policy/certificate remains in force, beginning in the second year. The cumulative effect of each year’s renewal provides wealth-building power and once you are vested, you will continue to earn and receive renewal earnings for a lifetime, regardless of your future affiliation with Globe Life Family Heritage. Because of our products’ high renewal rate and the fact that vesting does not end at your death, these earnings provide an income stream to serve your future and that of your heirs. Recognition A wide range of awards, cash bonuses, trips and recognition programs create an exciting, performance-based program that is designed to reward you for your hard work. You will have the opportunity to be involved in our exciting weekly incentive programs, and every year you will be working towards obtaining our spectacular lifetime achievement awards.
To provide financial security and peace of mind to families when the unexpected occurs.
  • Keep our promises and do the right thing
  • Provide world-class service by being there when needed
  • Commit to respect and quality in all we do for our claimants and other policyholders, salesforce, employees and shareholders
  • Be driven to work and grow with passion, enthusiasm and commitment; and
  • Give back of our time, talent and treasure

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